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17. May 2022

Why smart online marketers are switching to GA4 and JENTIS now

After being the industry's first choice for over a decade, Universal Analytics is now being completely replaced by Google Analytics 4 (GA4). We tell you how to make the switch to GA4 and become DSGVO compliant in the process.

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27. April 2022

Data quality meets data privacy - Server-side tracking.

Server-side tracking is probably one of the biggest trends in 2022. It touches many different departments - Ecommerce, Analytics, Digital Marketing, IT & Legal - which makes a complicated technology to select and consequently implement.

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14. April 2022

Our Raw Data Feature

One of the essential server-side tracking benefits is the ability to collect and store raw data. This fundamentally important competitive advantage is increasingly requested and adopted among our clients. If you pursue more advanced business intelligence and data science practices - correct and complete datasets about your online business are key to your success. JENTIS delivers companies the best data quality as part of its service, it can provide you with exactly what you need for your individual raw data needs. In this feature review, we want to give end-users easy-to-understand information about our raw data tool and how you could apply it for your business.

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14. March 2022

Introducing Exoscale

A central difference of our server-side tracking is the European company headquarters and the location/hosting of servers. From the beginning, we have focused very strongly on any regulation - above all the General Data Protection Regulation and the ePrivacy Directive. In conversations we are frequently asked on which cloud JENTIS can be hosted. In this blog we would like to introduce you to one of our cloud partners - Exoscale.

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16. February 2022

The next domino has fallen: CNIL goes against client-side Google Analytics.

On Thursday, 10.2.2022, CNIL released a statement “Utilisation de Google Analytics et transferts de données vers les États-Unis : la CNIL met en demeure un gestionnaire de site web”. (Translation: “Use of Google Analytics and data transfers to the United States: the CNIL orders a website manager/operator to comply”). It summarizes the first of six potential decisions after Max Schrems exemplary sued 101 companies in Europe (of which six are located in France).

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21. January 2022

Google Analytics completely illegal in Europe?

You do NOT need a #GoogleAnalytics alternative. You can switch to an alternative, but you don't have to! And this difference is very important. Find out why in this short but concise blog post.

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18. January 2022

Foxes that anonymize chickens

"The fox watching out for the chickens" We (Austrians) all know this saying, but what does it have to do with Google Analytics and the GDPR?

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13. January 2022

Is Google Analytics now taboo for us Europeans? No

Yes, it's true, Google Analytics is no longer privacy compliant, as the Standard (Austrian newspaper), among others, reported this morning. Those of us who have been dealing with privacy and web analytics for the last months and years have not only been aware of this since this morning. What is new is that an association like Noyb is putting this fact in the media spotlight for the first time.

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11. January 2022

Pagespeed & Webtracking

Since June 2021, Pagespeed has become a crucial ranking factor with the integration of the Core Web Vitals into the Google algorithm. It can be decisive when it comes to displaying your website as high as possible in the search engine. Google even goes a step further and says: the faster your website, the more conversions. Hmm...

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28. December 2021

5 tools to audit your reliance on third party cookies.

A lot of excitement around 3rd party cookies arose in 2021. By now, everyone should understand that there is a need for action. The best starting point is to evaluate how many cookies we are talking about. And since we live in a world where competition is fierce: how many cookies does your competitor have? Are they facing a problem? Can you benefit from it? In this blog article, we are going to introduce some free tools you can use for a sound analysis.

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