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13. January 2022

Is Google Analytics now taboo for us Europeans? No

Yes, it's true, Google Analytics is no longer privacy compliant, as the Standard (Austrian newspaper), among others, reported this morning. Those of us who have been dealing with privacy and web analytics for the last months and years have not only been aware of this since this morning. What is new is that an association like Noyb is putting this fact in the media spotlight for the first time.

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11. January 2022

Pagespeed & Webtracking

Since June 2021, Pagespeed has become a crucial ranking factor with the integration of the Core Web Vitals into the Google algorithm. It can be decisive when it comes to displaying your website as high as possible in the search engine. Google even goes a step further and says: the faster your website, the more conversions. Hmm...

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28. December 2021

5 tools to audit your reliance on third party cookies.

A lot of excitement around 3rd party cookies arose in 2021. By now, everyone should understand that there is a need for action. The best starting point is to evaluate how many cookies we are talking about. And since we live in a world where competition is fierce: how many cookies does your competitor have? Are they facing a problem? Can you benefit from it? In this blog article, we are going to introduce some free tools you can use for a sound analysis.

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16. December 2021

The forced data loss

General data protection regulation. ePrivacy directive. Intelligent tracking prevention. Enhanced Tracking Prevention. Ad-Blockers. Virus-Scanners. And the list keeps on growing... The challenges for businesses when it comes to collecting their (first party) data on their website have never been bigger. And the situation is getting increasingly worse. So the question arises: How good or bad is the data quality in your martech tools today with client-side tracking?

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9. December 2021

JENTIS infrastructure for performance, reliability & scalability.

Time is valuable and so is your (website) data. So far so good. But with the transition to server-side tracking a couple of new challenges arise for organisations. In particular from a technological point of view, new considerations have to be made. That’s why in this blogpost we will talk about how JENTIS utilizes Kubernetes to provide you with a low-maintenance, high-availability and secure tracking solution. This way, our customers can really focus on their data collection and leave everything “behind the scene” to us.

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5. December 2021

Superpower of Online Marketers in 2022

By Klaus Müller. Co-CEO JENTIS. As someone who studied marketing at university when online marketing wasn't even defined yet, and has been working in online marketing for over 20 years, I observe the professional challenges of the online marketer as the embodiment of the “Wunderwuzzis” - an Austrian, genderless term of superpower. Anyone who wants to better understand the latest stock crash of Snapchat (-25% in one day) and many market companions (share price losses of around $150 billion at the end of October) should keep on reading.

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30. November 2021

How to get started with server-side tracking?
JENTIS onboarding

This time, we want to mix things a bit up. Instead of giving you a summary of an important industry development or a description of a technology, we interviewed our client success manager Alex Koletsis. We wanted to gather his experiences for you and let him explain how he experiences the onboarding process.

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24. November 2021

The 5 best podcasts about marketing, martech and GDPR

The pure amount of podcasts is overwhelming. There is such great stuff out there, produced every month, week or even every day by some. It is slowly getting hard to find the real gems out there. That having said; there are some great episodes I want to share with you. These 5 podcasts - in no particular order - cover the topics digital marketing, marketing technology and data compliance. I highly recommend listening in. It will make you a smarter, wiser person :-)

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10. November 2021

How to select a server-side tagging solution.

Over the last year we probably did more than 5000 calls about the state of tracking, how the industry changes with new technology and regulation as well as how the market reacts. To this day we often see that individuals have difficulties to select a tracking solution that suits their needs and solves the current data collection and compliance challenges they face. In this blog post we list 5 key considerations you should think of when you select your next tracking system.

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4. November 2021

The Difference between Tracking and Analytics.

The online marketing industry is going through a massive change at the moment. Tracking preventions, ad-blockers but also regulation are changing website tracking, which is why JENTIS specialised exactly in this area and developed a product to collect as much and good data as possible. But what exactly is tracking in this regard? And what is the difference to an analytics tool?

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