29. June 2022

Why “privacy compliant” is nonsense

In recent times we have seen a very sad trend in our industry. One that is not only dishonest but also misleading for you, the end-customer. That’s why we wanted to dedicate this short blog-post to an essential piece of knowledge for 2022 and beyond. The matter of the fact is the following: 

  • “Privacy-compliant” doesn’t mean anything on its own.
  • “Compliant” doesn’t mean anything on its own.
  • “Data-protection-compliant” doesn’t mean anything on its own.

All of these words are just replacements for the real thing, because a technology has to be in compliance with a law or regulation – like “GDPR-compliant”, “ePrivacy-compliant” or “CCPA-compliant” for example.

In our experience, providers that are in fact “GDPR-compliant” will also communicate that on their website and on social media. Those that use terms like “privacy-compliant” usually use these terms because, you guessed it, are not “GDPR-compliant”. Then you know that you should not trust this provider with your data and can select a tool that indeed follows the law.

Special tip: Some sneaky provider that you will ask whether they are “GDPR-compliant” will answer “Yes, we are privacy-compliant”. Do you see what just happened? They are willfully misleading you into believing that they actually comply with the law. In such a case, ask for written confirmation of GDPR compliance, you will most likely not get it.

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