EU Server-Side Tracking

Control your own data and collect first party data for you and your martech stack

You think server side tracking is hard to set up? It only takes two steps.

We innovated our server-side tracking so that it is fast to deploy and reliable for our clients. To use JENTIS you only need to add an A-Record to your DNS and implement one JavaScript-code. From that point on forward, JENTIS manages the background infrastructure and performance.


We take care of all your tracking overhead, so you can focus on the fun stuff.

Other server-side tracking approaches require a lot of operational resources. With JENTIS, any concerns about scalability of systems while ensuring stability are taken care of. We do all the technical specifications for you, monitor the performance and ensure highest availability in the background.


We made sure you can operate JENTIS without breaking a sweat.

Connect your consent bar, collect your data client-side, send it server-side and then you have infinite opportunities. Data enrichment, pseudonymisation, anonymisation and multi-pixel tagging. The best thing? You can steer your data with only one tool – the JENTIS Tag Manager.

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