24. June 2022

Seven success factors for server-side tracking and a future-proof martech stack

The consequences of the GDPR have been on the radar of every management board since the decisions of the data protection authorities this year at the latest. In order to continue tracking in a legally compliant manner and to regain control of your data, a new technology is needed. Client side was yesterday, the new way is server side. This is advertised as a future-proof solution with a lot of potential – and rightly so. But you have to be careful here too. Important criteria must be met in order to use this technology optimally and not run into new difficulties. Peter Hense, lawyer and Head of Data and Technology at one of the leading German digital boutiques Spirit Legal, together with the founders of JENTIS, presents the 7 criteria which you absolutely have to watch out for with server-side tracking – both technically and legally.