The Challenges

The challenges posed by client-side tracking are growing. 30% of your user data is blocked by tracking prevention. Without consent and pseudonymisation, many of your tracking solutions may no longer be used.

Ad-blockers and tracking preventions kill your data quality and online marketing.

Your current martech tools miss 30% of customers’ behavioural data completely – as if users never visited your website. An additional 25-35% of your users are not recognised when they revisit your website a second time a day later. The result? Broken customer journeys, incorrect attribution and wasted ad spend.


Your website relies on non-compliant tools from countries outside the EU

The complication of international data transfer and privacy regulations around the world force you to adapt your martech stack. Without consent and pseudonymisation of data many tools need to be replaced. Otherwise, hefty penalties and reputational damages can be the result.


Tracking preventions already delete 3rd party cookies in most browsers. Chrome is next.

The respective browsers of Apple, Mozilla and Microsoft fight against 3rd party cookies. Your performance marketing is already severely impacted and the situation is only getting worse. Soon, third party cookies will be phased out completely when Google shuts them down in their Chrome browser.


Every martech tool is collecting data for itself and you have no control over it.

If you track client-side you implement a JavaScript Code usually via a Tag Manager on your website. These JS Snippets then send your data to the tools of your martech stack without your control. You don’t know which data is really collected, because you are only provided with aggregated data.


Data is the new oil. But in the age of artificial intelligence and automatisation you don’t possess your raw data.

It is your website but your tools own your raw data – even the most basic events. How can that be? Third party tools are collecting your data and only share meta-results with you. Therefore, companies are impaired in their analytics capabilities on websites.


Tracking has become increasingly difficult and complex. Mistakes accumulate.

Tracking setups have developed over years. The results are outdated tools, tags and triggers, for which nobody feels responsible. In many cases nobody even knows why they exist in the first place. Confusion, faulty data and incorrect decisions are the direct consequence.

Control over your data collection

First Party-Data quality and Compliance

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