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Company: JENTIS GmbH

Address: Schönbrunner Straße 231
1120 Vienna, Austria

Business Register: FN 529675i, Commercial Court of Vienna

VAT-No.: ATU75406106

Phone: +43 1 997 43 54

Operations: Information Technology

Managing directors: Klaus Müller & Thomas Tauchner (both Co-CEOs)

Founders of JENTIS


We couldn’t find it – so we built it.

JENTIS is run by international data tracking experts Thomas Tauchner and Klaus Müller and was co-founded by Robert Nachbargauer, Christian Kletzander, and Walter Parigger. While analyzing tracking data for clients for 10 years, Thomas realized that missing valuable raw data sets create incredible limitations for companies day in and day out. This first sparked the development of JENTIS. Klaus Müller, ex-Googler and Founder of numerous successful start-ups, was drawn to the technology once he saw the potential behind it and how much value it would bring to marketers and data scientists. JENTIS has a team of developers, data scientists, mathematicians, marketing experts, and scientists spread worldwide, who are dedicated to revolutionizing the way we think, speak, and deal with online data.


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