More Data, better Data: Supercharging GA4 with Server-Side Tracking

Unlock data potential with GA4 & server-side tracking in this informative webinar.

Webinar on November 23rd

11am to 12pm CET


Explore the significance of GA4 for robust, privacy-compliant data. Join Riccardo Gosteli and Alexandre Koletsis to delve into GA4 and server-side tracking.

Understanding the pivotal role of utilizing Google Analytics 4 effectively is crucial for acquiring high-quality, privacy-compliant data. Join Riccardo Gosteli, Head of Analytics & Compliance at Advance Metrics, as he navigates the intricacies of harmonizing GA4 with server-side tracking. Gain invaluable insights into harnessing these tools to ensure not only privacy compliance but also the enhancement of data quality, paving the way for more profound analytical insights.

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