More Data, better Data: Supercharging GA4 with Server-Side Tracking

Unlock data potential with GA4 & server-side tracking in this informative webinar.

Webinar on November 23rd

11am to 12pm CET


Explore the significance of GA4 for robust, privacy-compliant data. Join Riccardo Gosteli and Alexandre Koletsis to delve into GA4 and server-side tracking.

Understanding the pivotal role of utilizing Google Analytics 4 effectively is crucial for acquiring high-quality, privacy-compliant data. Join Riccardo Gosteli, Head of Analytics & Compliance at Advance Metrics, as he navigates the intricacies of harmonizing GA4 with server-side tracking. Gain invaluable insights into harnessing these tools to ensure not only privacy compliance but also the enhancement of data quality, paving the way for more profound analytical insights.

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Riccardo Gosteli, Head of Analytics & Compliance at Advance Metrics
With a background in IT, Riccardo brings more than 8 years of experience in online marketing, web analytics and digital compliance. Riccardo advises clients in the Finance, Health, Education and E-Commerce industries on data strategies and privacy in online marketing.

Alexandre Koletsis, Lead Partner Manager at JENTIS
Alexandre has been a part of JENTIS since the beginning. His focus is on tracking, analytics and complex IT systems, as well as establishing the more than 25 partnerships in over 10 countries. Working closely with the partners allows him to have a deep understanding of the problems in the market as well as the possible solutions for the customer.

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