Maximum Data Quality with JENTIS Server-side Tracking

Capture more accurate data on your website for meaningful customer journeys and a clear view of your users.

Meaningful Customer Journeys for optimal Marketing

In the Safari, Firefox and Edge browsers, tracking prevention already prevents client-side tracking by third parties by default. The JENTIS server-side cookie is not affected by this. This means that with JENTIS server-side tracking you always get the right data to track customer journeys and optimise your campaigns.


Recover lost data with server-side tracking

Depending on the industry and target group, 10% to 20% of all users have adblockers installed to prevent ads from being displayed in the browser. However, as a negative side effect for the operation of your own website, this also blocks your data collection. With JENTIS Server-side Tracking, your data collection remains unaffected and allows you to collect complete data for your analytics and marketing tools, even from users with adblockers.


Necessary tracking even without Consent - with Essential Mode

Lack of consent also leads to big data loss and the falsification of reports and analyses. Depending on the industry and target group, companies lose 20-50% of their website data when users in the consent banner refuse data collection and processing. JENTIS’ unique technology and infrastructure, as well as being based in the EU, allows our clients to collect basic data without consent. Measure audience reach confidently and in compliance with GDPR with JENTIS Essential Mode. 

Improve Data Quality with JENTIS

With server-side tracking from JENTIS, you regain the website data you currently lose to adblockers, tracking prevention or lack of consent.

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Why is data quality crucial for digital marketing success?

With high data quality, marketers gain more insights into user behaviour and increase ad performance and conversions.


Meet the highest data ethics standards with JENTIS

With JENTIS, your can easily go beyond regulatory requirements and build customer trust by meeting the highest data ethics standards.

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