100% Datenqualität

Collect data for all your tools unaffected by consent, tracking preventions and adblockers

Stay unaffected by tracking preventions and get accurate data

By default in the Safari, Firefox and Edge browsers tracking preventions inhibit 3rd party data collection. With the JENTIS server-side tracking you can overcome the consequence of deleted cookies and broken data collection. Our server-side cookie will not be deleted and we are always able to get your data.


Stay unaffected by ad-blockers and get complete data

An increasing number of consumers install Ad-Blockers to prevent providers from showing annoying ads. A “negative side-effect” for your own website operation is that your data collection is blocked. Our proprietary technology stays unaffected by this side-effect and still gives users the satisfaction of less ads.


JENTIS Tracking can be used as a “technically required” tool to collect all data

Past conversations and industry reports have indicated that between 20-30% of data is lost due consent requirements. Our unique infrastructure and physical location within the EU allows our clients to collect data under certain settings without consent as a “strictly necessary” tool.

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