Server-side Data Enrichment

Add insightful information to your collected website data for more detailed analyses and better decision-making.


Traditional tracking can require sending data to the client, only to be tracked from there and sent to third-party tools. The result is an increasingly tricky and error-prone setup with long page load times.

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With JENTIS server-side tracking, you can easily connect to third-party APIs that provide more detailed data for online marketing and analytics. Simply add the data enrichment feature and your match key via the tool menu.

Unlock the Power of Server-Side Data Enrichment


Gain more accurate insights

Ever asked yourself if any externalities impact the purchasing decision of your users? Easily enrich your user data with weather or product data, allowing you to include such influencing factors in your analytics and decision-making.


Slim down your front-end 

With JENTIS server-side tracking, there is no need to push data client-side only to track it for online marketing and analytics purposes. Instead, you can remove every script and library that is not strictly necessary from your website and enrich your data server-side.

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Data Quality with JENTIS

Maximise your marketing and ad performance with the JENTIS Data Capture Platform. Gain the highest data quality, improve user understanding and make correct decisions.


Data Control with JENTIS DCP

With JENTIS server-side tracking, you have full control over your website data – from data collection to sharing with third-party tools.


Data protection

Reduce data protection risks with EU-based server-side tracking: highest data protection, full control and compliant data sharing.