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How to make great marketing again with server-side tracking – and even in compliance with data protection laws.

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One Platform for all Requirements

Maximum Data Quality

Maximise your marketing with the JENTIS Data Capture Platform: highest data quality, improved user understanding and correct decisions.

Privacy Compliance

Meet the data privacy requirements of GDPR and ePrivacy for highest data protection, full control and compliant data sharing.

Full Data Control

With JENTIS server-side tracking, you have full control over your website data - from data collection to sharing with third party tools.

Cookieless Tracking

Future-proof and precise data. With JENTIS server-side tracking, you can easily switch to first-party data - and thereby go without third-party cookies.

A clear view of your customers

How the Data Capture Platform increases your data quality.

Core components

The JENTIS Data Capture Platform is a comprehensive solution designed to empower businesses with
advanced server-side tracking capabilities. It comprises a set of central components that work seamlessly together

Tag Manager

Full control over your server-side tracking setup. Easy optimisation of tracking according to your requirements thanks to online wizards

Privacy Features

Safeguard your business and ensure compliance with international data protection regulations through JENTIS’ advanced data protection features.


Extend your server-side tracking setup by choosing from a selection of over 100 third-party tools and integrate them with just a few clicks.


While you focus on collecting and legally sharing the right data, JENTIS provides secure EU hosting to ensure data integrity and compliance.

All core components
The trust of our customers in our products and services is a top priority for LIBRO and PAGRO DISKONT. The correct handling of data is just as important to us. We do everything in our power to use our data in a DSGVO-compliant manner, and the team from JENTIS absolutely convinced us with its data solution. In addition to great technical expertise and a great product, we were also convinced that JENTIS was a perfect fit for us. Because, like LIBRO and PAGRO DISKONT, it is an Austrian company - we are happy about this wonderful, Austrian solution.
Ulrike Kittinger Geschäftsführerin Libro & Pagro DISKONT (MTH Retailgroup)
In the financial sector, trust is an indispensable prerequisite for a successful customer relationship. For us, this also includes the trust of our customers that their data will be handled in a legally compliant manner at all times and that it will be protected in the best possible way. With the JENTIS solution, we now have the opportunity to optimally combine data value creation and data protection.
Olaf Peter Poenisch CEO Santander Consumer Bank Österreich
Together with JENTIS, we are taking our online marketing to the next level. We were impressed with 100% website analytics data. The raw data from JENTIS is a valuable part of ensuring the best service for our clients.
Alina Lauchart Marketing & Communication - Promedico
JENTIS is a great tool that specialises in website data collection. We have added it to our current marketing stack and have seen impressive results. JENTIS' data capture is not only more accurate and complete, but also gives us the raw data in real time. JENTIS is our next step towards digital competitiveness. We want to achieve data sovereignty and finally decide which 3rd party tool really gets which data. JENTIS does that and much more.
Patricio Hetfleisch Leitung Marketing & Kommunikation - Tirol Werbung
In 2021 compliant tracking has become a priority to Forum Verlag. Because of the GDPR and E-privacy directive we looked for a technology which could help us in tackling data compliance. JENTIS is our partner of choice. It requires consent like any other tool and has unique advantages for us because of pseudonymisation.
Forum Verlag - Alexandra Vetrovsky-Brychta General Manager - Forum Verlag
JENTIS is the logical European solution for data control and quality in today's digital world. The innovative server-side tracking technology allows us to have absolute control over the data flow before we forward the data to Matomo. Thus, we can achieve DSGVO compliance and 100% data quality.
Jo Rogner Leitung IT - Compass Gruppe
JENTIS offers comprehensive server-side tracking that works well with usercentrics. With the elimination of third party cookies, many of our customers have asked for a tracking solution that can keep up with the current changes in the industry. At usercentrics, we believe that JENTIS offers a strong server-side solution that is also aligned with our product. This way we can offer our customers the perfect balance between marketing and compliance.

Advanced features

Maximizing data quality and performance is crucial for effective decision-making and optimized marketing strategies.
With JENTIS, you gain access to a suite of innovative solutions designed to provide comprehensive insights into your data.

Essential Mode

Gain valuable insights into the behaviour of all website visitors by collecting legally compliant data without consent using Essential Mode.

Synthetic User

JENTIS has completely revolutionised the field of data analytics for the marketing world with its breakthrough technology called Synthetic User.


For the first time ever, it is possible to activate data from visitors that until now were simply lost. Better performance marketing – more sales.

Data enrichment

Harness the full potential of data enrichment to unlock valuable insights, drive comprehensive analysis, and make informed decisions.

All advanced features

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Synthetic User – The future of online marketing and analytics

JENTIS has revolutionised the field of data analytics for marketers with its breakthrough technology called Synthetic Users.


Only with JENTIS: Use Google Analytics 4 with 100% Server-side Tracking

Learn how hosting provider World4You captures the maximum data quality for Google Analytics 4 with the JENTIS DCP.

Control over your data collection

First Party-Data quality and Compliance

Our solution is the most advanced and compliant server-side tracking on the market. If you would like to learn more about JENTIS to improve your online marketing, analytics and compliance with server-side tracking, please click the button below to book an appointment with our Technology Consultant.

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Founded and run by data experts

While analysing tracking data for clients for 10 years, we realised in 2016 that client-side tracking was destined to fail in the long run. This sparked the development of code-name “JARVIS” (yes, every Iron Man-fan knows what that means).