JENTIS Data Capture Platform for Publishers

Build trust, improve user experience and ensure success with accurate data, faster page load times and unique privacy.

Your advantages at a glance

Discover the benefits of JENTIS server-side tracking for your publishing business. Choose our data capture platform for accurate data on all customers, less code on your pages, improved data protection and independence from big tech.

JENTIS für Publisher

Improved pagespeed

By moving third-party tracking codes and libraries to the server, less data needs to be loaded. This improves the loading speed of your pages.

JENTIS für Banken

Analysis without blindspots

Understand which articles your visitors really read, where they spend their time and where they bounce with anonymous tracking of the JENTIS DCP.

JENTIS für Banken

Data sovereignty & privacy

Privacy has entered the consumer mainstream. Take control of your user data and ensure a privacy-friendly website experience.

JENTIS für Banken

Fraud detection & prevention

With access to more detailed information at the server level, suspicious activity can be more easily and quickly detected and subsequently blocked.



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Data Quality with JENTIS

Maximise your marketing and ad performance with the JENTIS Data Capture Platform. Gain the highest data quality, improve user understanding and make correct decisions.


JENTIS Tag Manager

Implement and maintain your server-side tracking setup with the JENTIS Tag Manager. Control everything from containers to tools and tags in one place.


Hosting for your Server-side Tracking

Focus on collecting and compliantly sharing your data while JENTIS takes care of your fail-safe and scalable hosting based in the EU.