Hosting for your Server-side Tracking

Focus on collecting and compliantly sharing your data while JENTIS takes care of your fail-safe and scalable hosting based in the EU.

Managed hosting with JENTIS Server-side Tracking


Select from multiple hosting options

Hosting is a critical element of server-side tracking. It needs to run 24/7. Otherwise, your tools will not receive the data they need. That’s why with JENTIS, the hosting is part of the product. JENTIS offers multiple European and US hosting options based on your business needs and requirements.


Guaranteed cloud performance and scalability

With increasing traffic and additional server-side tools implemented, hosting becomes a challenge. At JENTIS, we make sure, with constant monitoring, that your setup handles your daily business and scales up quickly during high-traffic periods. 



Optimised for low costs

Server-side tracking solutions are paid services because of the computing capacity required to process incoming and outflowing data. Depending on the efficiency of the cloud, more or less costs accrue. JENTIS is optimised for the most potent setup at the lowest cost.


Guaranteed uptime

Server downtime is the most significant risk to server-side tracking as it disrupts the data flow to your marketing and analytics tools. It is also the most common point of failure for do-it-yourself server-side tracking solutions. At JENTIS, we guarantee reliability and uptime to all our clients. 


Security-certified clouds

Large corporations and banks, in particular, have high hosting and data security requirements. That is why JENTIS works with experts to certify their setups and only runs on certified servers.

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Self-hosting as a solution?

In 2022, a lot has happened in terms of tracking. In particular, recent rulings by data protection authorities across Europe have fuelled the discussion about the compliance of US tools - most notably Google Analytics.

Whitepaper: Privacy-compliant Hosting with IONOS Cloud and JENTIS

Powerful web tracking needs reliable, scalable and privacy-compliant hosting. A success story from JENTIS and IONOS.


JENTIS Privacy Controls

Ensure compliance with international privacy regulations using JENTIS' advanced privacy controls. Safeguard user data and build trust with your customers.