Frequently Asked Questions

We present the most frequently asked questions from prospective customers and clients.

No, with JENTIS you can continue to use your usual tools, including Google Analytics. JENTIS serves as a complementary measure that allows you to prepare data for transfers outside the EU and countries with adequacy decisions in a legally compliant manner.

From the decisions made so far by the data protection authorities of the EU member states, a recommendation crystallized for how US tools can be used in a DSGVO-compliant manner. The solution is very simple: Instead of transferring data directly to the USA (or to US servers in the EU), JENTIS interposes its patented twin-server technology. Here, personal data is pseudonymized and only then is the data forwarded to US tools such as Google Analytics.

So you can simply continue to use your usual tools such as Google Analytics and still remain DSGVO-compliant.

You can find more on the topic in our blog article “Continue to use Google Analytics compliantly – but how?”

The price for JENTIS tracking is based on the number of sessions to be tracked on your website via JENTIS. Read more about pricing here.

Yes, indeed! Since significantly fewer scripts need to be loaded in the frontend, pagespeed usually improves significantly. Read more about this topic here.

In our experience, you need a developer for the basic installation (JS snippet and A-record). From this point on, employees with tracking experience or an agency partner are sufficient for the implementation of JENTIS.

Your Customer Success Manager will send you your individualized JavaScript tracking codes and A-Records. There will be one version for each main domain. These will need to be implemented by your team or agency. After confirming that these steps have been completed, our cloud team finalizes your cloud setup.

This depends mostly on your resources and the speed with which you implement the JavaScript(s) natively into your website and set the corresponding A-record(s). In our experience, this can vary from less than a day to (unfortunately) a few weeks. On our end, the finalization of your setup is then completed in less than one business day.

You have the possibility to purchase our product online in different packages – depending on the desired number of sessions. For larger volumes, please book an appointment with one of our sales representatives who will be happy to advise you comprehensively.

You have the option to pay monthly, or annually.