JENTIS Tag Manager

Implement and maintain your server-side tracking setup with the JENTIS Tag Manager. Control everything from containers to tools and tags in one place.

Server-side tracking with a single tool


100+ Connectors

With the JENTIS Data Capture Platform, you can connect all your existing marketing and analytics tools with just a few clicks. Conveniently integrate your tools with our user-friendly setup wizard that guides you through the entire process.


Tags, triggers & variables

With the JENTIS Tag Manager, we simplified collecting and sharing data with third-party vendors as much as possible. After adding any tool, set up your tags, triggers and variables based on various states. You can also execute custom code or write your own functions if needed.


Privacy by Design

From the very beginning, we made Privacy by Design a core principle for the JENTIS Tag Manager. As a result, you can quickly integrate with numerous consent management platforms (CMPs) and sync your consent settings with a few clicks. Additionally, you can activate the Essential Mode on a per-tool basis.


Test and publish

Before you take any of your tracking versions live, you can test them using the JENTIS preview monitor. Quickly test the functionality of your tracking and where you might need to fix a bug. If you need to revert to previous setups, you can simply access the change log. 



Easily add or delete containers for your individual tracking requirements with the click of a button. You can always control if the tracking code and A-Record are functional. Likewise, quickly add and change user roles within the JENTIS Tag Manager.


Stream data to familiar marketing tools

With just a few clicks, you add a third-party tool to your server-side tagging setup.


All connectors at a glance

Add all your third-party tools to your server-side tracking setup with just a few clicks.


JENTIS Privacy Controls

Ensure compliance with international privacy regulations using JENTIS' advanced privacy controls. Safeguard user data and build trust with your customers.