JENTIS for the Healthcare Sector

Make data protection and data security an essential part of your online marketing. Collect user data in a future-proof and compliant way.

Your advantages at a glance

The JENTIS Data Capture Platform helps healthcare providers comply with privacy regulations, keep sensitive customer data secure, and effectively use healthcare data for research, analysis and improving patient care.

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EU-based hosting

Comply with GDPR with an entirely European tracking solution. If required, modify data before sharing it with tools from third countries.

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Privacy controls

Use a range of advanced JENTIS privacy features such as pseudonymisation or time framing for legally compliant data sharing with third-party providers.

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Data sovereignty

Collect and control your data independently and without the influence of Big Tech. Become compliant with data protection and security regulations.

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HIPAA compliance

With JENTIS, protect personal health information (PHI) through pseudonymisation and proper hosting with server-side tracking across all tools.


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Satisfied customers in the health sector

We proudly count renowned healthcare companies such as VAMED Vitality World among our satisfied customers. The confidence these companies place in our platform attests to its excellence in the healthcare sector.

Vamed Vitality World

More advantages with JENTIS


HIPAA Compliance with JENTIS Server-side Tracking

Advanced server-side tracking by JENTIS makes compliance with HIPAA and other regulations affecting the healthcare industry easy.


Data Quality with JENTIS

Maximise your marketing and ad performance with the JENTIS Data Capture Platform. Gain the highest data quality, improve user understanding and make correct decisions.


Data protection

Reduce data protection risks with EU-based server-side tracking: highest data protection, full control and compliant data sharing.