Our Solution

Solve your data capture challenges with the most powerful server-side tracking on the market, built-in data protection features, and 100+ tool integrations.

A more complete View of your Customers' Journeys

Due to ad blockers and tracking prevention, marketing tools capture only 70% of your customers’ behavioural data. Another 35% of your users are not recognized when they revisit your website just one day later. The result? Broken customer journeys, false attribution, and wasted ad spend.

Our first-party cookie is not blocked. You get more and – most importantly – complete usage data. That means better decision-making for your business.


You decide what happens with your Data

With client-side tracking, JavaScript snippets are implemented on your website. These snippets send data to your tech stack tools without your control. You don’t even know what data is actually captured by your tools because you only get aggregated data back.

With JENTIS DCP, you own your data and get full control over what is captured. You decide which data is shared with third-party providers – and which is not.


Data privacy-compliant Tracking, at the Touch of a Button

Your marketing tools are not legally compliant? Data protection regulations such as the GDPR are increasingly being enforced. The transfer of data to third countries such as the US – for example, via the use of US tools – is particularly problematic. Without user consent and the pseudonymisation of data, many solutions may no longer be used.

The technical principle behind JENTIS DCP has been validated by data protection authorities as legally compliant. With JENTIS, you can capture data in a GDPR-compliant manner and keep using your existing marketing and analytics tools.


Cookie Apocalypse? Not with first-party Data

Third-party cookies are on their way out. Browsers from Apple, Microsoft and Mozilla actively delete third-party cookies. Google has also announced that it will abolish these them on Chrome by 2024. Until then, expect increasingly poor data quality if your tracking strategy is built on third-party cookies.

First-party data is the new gold standard for data quality and privacy compliance. JENTIS offers the simplest and most powerful solution for first-party data through our innovative server-side tracking technology. 


Server Side Tracking from the Heart of the EU

Decisions by the European data protection authorities paint a clear picture: Those who keep their data in the EU have an advantage. It is often not enough for tool providers from third countries to operate servers in the EU.

JENTIS is a European company. Our data infrastructure is located in the EU and developed according to European compliance standards and Privacy by Design principles. 


Simply forward Data to your existing Tech Stack – no Need to switch

Are you satisfied with your existing marketing tools? Congratulations! We know how difficult it is to find the ideal MarTech configuration. With JENTIS, you can easily forward your new first-party data to your existing tools and use them as usual – even if they are US tools. Over 100 integrations are available at your fingertips on our platform.


Faster Page Speed for more Engagement and Conversions

Users love fast pages. The shorter the loading time, the more pages they visit on average. Server-side tracking noticeably speeds up loading times. Instead of tons of JavaScript snippets, you only need a single pixel on your website in the optimal JENTIS setup. This leads to better performance and thus an improvement in Google Core Web Vitals values. The result is more user engagement and more conversions.

Control over your data collection

First Party-Data quality and Compliance

Our solution is the most advanced and compliant server-side tracking on the market. If you would like to learn more about JENTIS to improve your online marketing, analytics and compliance with server-side tracking, please click the button below to book an appointment with our Technology Consultant.