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We are happy to help our customers optimize data quality, or / and transform to DSGVO compliance. Medium and large companies such as Erste Bank, EVVA, Heise, Hornig, KTM, Rauch and many more trust JENTIS. But read for yourself what our customers and partners say about us.

Libor Pagro
Santander Consumer


In 2021 compliant tracking has become a priority to Forum Verlag. Because of the GDPR and E-privacy directive we looked for a technology which could help us in tackling data compliance. JENTIS is our partner of choice. It requires consent like any other tool and has unique advantages for us because of pseudonymisation.

Alexandra Vetrovsky-Brychta General Manager - Forum Verlag

As a news platform, the analysis and communication of our readers is an essential component. With the help of JENTIS, we can deliver stronger metrics to our customers and still taking all data protection principles seriously.

Dejan Jovicevic Chief Executive Officer - Der Brutkasten

JENTIS is a game changer for our online marketing. We were impressed to get 100% accurate web analytics data. For personalisation on our website we fuel our AI efforts with the raw data provided by JENTIS.

Alina Lauchart Chief Marketing Officer - Promedico

JENTIS is the logical European solution to data control and data quality in today's digital world. Their highly innovative server-side tracking technology allows us to gain absolute control over the data flow before forwarding it to our Matomo Reporting Tool. This is essential to ensure GDPR compliance and ensure 100% data quality.

Jo Rogner Chief Information Officer - Compass Group

JENTIS is a great tool which specialises on website data capture. We added it to our current marketing stack and saw impressive results. Not only does JENTIS capture data more accurately and completely, it can also provide you with your raw data in real-time. JENTIS is the next step towards our digital future readiness. We want to achieve data ownership and decide which dataset we can and would like to pass on to third parties. JENTIS can do that and much more.

Patricio Hetfleisch Head of Marketing and Communication - Tirol Werbung

Partner Feedback

We love to work with agencies and partners who want to use JENTIS to provide their customers with compliant tracking, significantly improve their data quality, and/or enrich their data. Read what our partners are saying about JENTIS.


JENTIS solves data quality issues and gives back data control to our customers. dreifive customers benefit from a state-of-the-art tool addition to their marketing stack that eliminates quality issues and inefficiencies of conventional tracking solutions while helping website owners gain more data sovereignty.


JENTIS offers a comprehensive server-side tracking solution that is aligned to our solution. With the phasing out of 3rd party cookies, many of our customers have been asking for a tracking solution that can cope with the current changes that the industry brings. We at Usercentrics found that JENTIS offered a strong server-side solution that is also aligned to our product. That way, we can offer our customers the perfect balance between marketing and compliance in unity.


WEBROCKET JENTIS is an easy-to-use and complete tracking solution. We searched for a tracking solution to cope with current challenges in online marketing. JENTIS is our preferred tracking solution for the future. Their 1st party tracking was really easy to set up and to operate. Their tag manager has some cool new features - multi-account is really useful.


We already did a couple of projects with JENTIS raw data, like e.g. exploratory data analysis, user clustering and building a specialised recommender system. The raw data is of excellent quality and provides endless opportunities for exciting and innovative AI/ML applications.


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