4. August 2023

Why is data quality crucial for digital marketing success?

With high data quality, marketers gain more insights into user behaviour and increase ad performance and conversions.

The quality of web data is of crucial importance for digital marketing. On the basis of this data, marketers decide which campaign to run for which target group on which channels. However, if the data quality decreases, the efficiency of the campaigns decreases – and with it, marketing success.

Declining data quality on the web

Ad blockers and built-in tracking prevention in browsers such as Safari, Firefox or Edge are becoming increasingly common in web browsers. This development has led to data collection on the web not only becoming patchy but, in many cases, being prevented altogether.

Modern browsers regularly delete the web cookies set by websites. Returning website users are, therefore, no longer recognised as such and are falsely counted as new users. In addition, there is a multitude of other behavioural data that is no longer meaningful due to cookie blockers and tracking prevention. The quality of the collected data thus decreases massively.

In addition, website owners must implement consent banners as prescribed in the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. If a user refuses to give his consent, their behaviour on a website can either be reduced or not tracked at all.

Why is data quality important?

Data quality is essential for data-driven marketing as it directly affects the accuracy and effectiveness of marketing decisions. Poor data quality can result in inaccurate analysis and flawed decisions, which in turn leads to inefficiently used resources.

If you use inaccurate customer data for segmentation and targeting, you will reach the wrong audiences with your marketing efforts. This leads to poorer ad performance and a lack of engagement with the desired target group. If you have high-quality data, you can accurately segment and target your audiences, resulting in more effective and efficient marketing campaigns. Only with accurate data are customer journeys a meaningful basis for targeted campaigns.

In addition, data quality also plays an essential role in personalisation. With high-quality data, companies can create personalised messaging and offers that are proven to increase customer engagement and loyalty.

How can you increase your data quality?

Overall, the quality of website data is critical for data-driven marketing as it enables businesses to make informed decisions and increase the effectiveness of marketing efforts. Ensuring quality should be a top priority for all businesses that rely on data for their marketing activities.

Data quality with server-side tracking

The essential technology that makes effective marketing possible again is called server-side tracking. Here, the data is no longer collected directly in the user’s browser (client), where tracking can easily be blocked, but only on a specially provided server. Server-side tracking offers drastically improved data quality. You collect far more and, above all, more precise data about user behaviour on your website.

With the JENTIS Data Capture Platform, you benefit from advanced server-side tracking, GDPR compliance, managed hosting and infrastructure in the EU, ease of use and fast, smooth integration into your existing setup.

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