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How Pixum generated up to 44% more orders in Safari browsers with JENTIS

Pixum noticed a significant decline in data quality in marketing. With JENTIS, marketing returns could be significantly increased.


In 2020, Pixum began to feel the impact of various changes in online marketing. The introduction of browser-based tracking prevention and the spread of ad blockers led to a steady decline in the quality of marketing data. As a result, Pixum noted differences of over 20% between its web analytics, performance marketing tools, and the internal business intelligence solution.


At the beginning of the project, Pixum set two clear objectives:

  • Improve the data quality in marketing tools
  • Establish a future-proof and robust data setup with regard
    to GDPR requirements

To achieve this, Pixum implemented the JENTIS‘ server-side tag manager. The goal was to evaluate the data quality and compare the client-side data collection with JENTIS‘ server-side data collection.

The result?

An 11% increase in tracked conversions and a 55% correction in journeys for marketing attribution. As a result of these changes, the marketing budget could be immediately adjusted by +31% in a first campaign, and the new customer revenue increased by 176%.

One year later, the performance was reassessed to see the ef- fects of consistently implementing the new data setup across all channels and countries.


Server-side tracking and Safari

In a comparable environment, there was an increase in orders compared to the previous year, especially in browsers known for their strict tracking policies, which saw the largest growth. The correct correlation of sessions, the channels used, and the feedback of the conversion to the marketing tools enabled Pixum to achieve significant growth.

In Safari browsers, 35% and 44% (in-app) more orders were recorded.

This underscores the effectiveness of the JENTIS Tag Manager against tracking prevention measures and leads to higher data quality than comparable server-side tracking solutions. When activated in advertising campaigns, this increased data quality directly boosts effectiveness and returns.

About Pixum

Pixum is one of the leading online photo services in Germany and Europe. In addition to the best customer service and an easy, inspiring shopping experience, the online photo service helps its customers to preserve, share and enjoy their most beautiful photo moments.

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