Supercharge your campaign performance with Piwik PRO and JENTIS Server-Side Tracking

Learn how Piwik PRO's analytics platform and JENTIS Server-Side Tracking can transform your marketing campaigns and boost ROI with advanced analytics, through real-world case studies and practical tips.

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VOD - 0624 Webinar PiwikPRO JENTIS


June 25, 2024

11am CET

What’s in it for you?

In today’s fast-paced digital world, optimizing your campaigns with advanced analytics is crucial for success.

In our webinar we will show you how Piwik PRO Analytics Suite, JENTIS Server-Side Tracking, and Adesso’s integration expertise can transform your campaigns and ultimately increase your ROI. You will see exactly how these tools work together to deliver impressive results.

Through real-world case studies and success stories, you will learn practical tips and best practices for seamlessly integrating these tools into your marketing stack. This session is perfect for marketers, data analysts, and business owners who want to enhance their campaigns and get the most out of their analytics. Don’t miss this chance to improve your marketing efforts.


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