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Request a live demo and learn how you can take control of your data, capture higher-quality first-party data, and tackle data privacy compliance.

In this demo session, we will present how server-side tracking works on our Data Capture Platform (DCP). Among other things, you will learn:

  • how to connect your Consent Bar to JENTIS DCP with just a few clicks.
  • how to create tags and triggers.
  • how to connect your marketing tools to JENTIS DCP.

Part of each live session is an in-depth Q&A about the JENTIS Data Capture Platform. Simply ask your questions in the chat during the presentation.

We can offer you two live demo sessions per week – one in German and one in English.

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Michael knows our platform better than anyone

Michael Sinner has more than ten years of experience in web analytics, technical data concepts and business intelligence.

At JENTIS, Michael is responsible for product demos and is looking forward to familiarizing you with server-side tracking and our Data Capture Platform (DCP).

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