Webinar: More revenue with better first-party data

Learn how to implement a successful first-party data strategy and how to leverage it effectively for your business.

First-party data is quickly becoming one of the pillars of any digital marketing strategy. However, effectively managing this data requires new skills and infrastructure.

In this webinar with JENTIS and Adzine, learn how to effectively implement first-party data strategies and achieve successful results.

Our topics:

  • The essentials for dealing with first-party data.
  • The tools you need to implement a modern data strategy
  • How you can leverage first-party data with JENTIS


André Schulz, Managing Consultant at elaboratum New Commerce Consulting
André Schulz has a wealth of experience in the areas of web and digital analytics. For several years, he headed the digital analytics department of a leading global furniture retail group. At elaboratum, he focuses on the opportunities and challenges of customer-centric marketing.

Thomas Tauchner, Founder, Co-CEO and CTO of JENTIS
Thomas Tauchner entered the analytics industry at a young age, always keeping an eye on the current needs of the market and one step ahead of technological developments. After a stint as Head of Web Analytics at e-Dialog, he founded his web analytics agency Webrocket, in 2014. To solve the problems observed in online marketing during this time, he developed an innovative solution for server-side tracking. The new technology was followed by the founding of JENTIS.

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