21. April 2022

Paradigm Shift - Hybrid Tracking

What Google, Tealium & Co have forgotten with their server side tracking technologies

Data – the fuel for your online business. BUT The hurdles in data collection are getting bigger month by month, putting your whole website operations at risk. GDPR, the end of 3rd party cookies, Intelligent Tracking Prevention & ETP and other developments require a paradigm shift in data capture. What other server-side tracking technologies have missed you will learn during this webinar.


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Supercharge your campaign performance with Piwik PRO and JENTIS Server-Side Tracking

Learn how Piwik PRO's analytics platform and JENTIS Server-Side Tracking can transform your marketing campaigns and boost ROI with advanced analytics, through real-world case studies and practical tips.

Past Event

JENTIS Masterclass at OMR 2024

No Consent, No Problem: Performance Boost through Synthetic Data. The Live Reveal – May 8 at 10:30 AM.


3rd Party cookie deadline postponed: What does it mean for marketers?

Google has once again postponed the end of 3rd party cookies. This presents both opportunities and an urgent call to action for marketers.