21. April 2022

Paradigm Shift - Hybrid Tracking

What Google, Tealium & Co have forgotten with their server side tracking technologies

Data – the fuel for your online business. BUT The hurdles in data collection are getting bigger month by month, putting your whole website operations at risk. GDPR, the end of 3rd party cookies, Intelligent Tracking Prevention & ETP and other developments require a paradigm shift in data capture. What other server-side tracking technologies have missed you will learn during this webinar.


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The 3 biggest Challenges for Digital Marketing 2023

What will be important in the coming year? What will pose the most difficult challenges for digital marketing? An analysis from a marketer's point of view.

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JENTIS by E-Commerce Inspiration Night

Meet us at the E-Commerce Inspiration Night in Vienna, where we will present the benefits of the JENTIS Data Capture Platform for E-Commerce.


How DPAs determine the level of GDPR fines

The GDPR applies as a legal basis to all EU data protection authorities. But there is far less uniformity when it comes to the level of fines. How high can they get? A quick guide to what companies can expect.