Synthetic Users: Capture complete and accurate Data for Performance Marketing – even without Consent

The new, revolutionary technology from JENTIS makes it possible to collect all data lost through negative consent in a DSGVO- and ePrivacy-compliant manner.
  • Declining consent rates are drastically limiting data collection and the effectiveness of data-driven marketing strategies.
  • Synthetic User and ID Pooling technologies developed by JENTIS enable businesses to regain the data lost to declined consent.
  • This revolutionary tech enables exceptional performance marketing and personalisation while ensuring complete privacy compliance.
  • Join our exclusive Synthetic Users pilot program and experience the future of data-driven marketing.

Brands are reporting drastically declining consent rates on their websites – oftentimes of less than 50%, in some cases even as low as 30%. The reason for this is the discontinuation of dark patterns and nudging in consent banners, which are no longer legally compliant due to clear decisions by European data protection authorities and lawsuits by data protection agencies.

The result: only a small fraction of the user data that would be necessary for effective data-driven marketing is still available. This means that brands can no longer draw reliable conclusions from conversion data and customer journeys or that many important conversion events can no longer be correctly recorded and passed on to ad platforms.

The problem calls for new technologies: Synthetic Users and ID Pooling are the answer to decreasing consent rates.  This patent-pending innovation has been evaluated by renowned data protection lawyers as privacy compliant.

How Synthetic Users and ID Pooling work

Through active consent and our Essential Mode, we’re able to mathematically synthesise missing data, allowing us to regain access to close to 100% of your data. This robust data collection and synthesis ensure you receive all the web data your business needs.

Furthermore, our system is designed to enable end-to-end performance marketing using this data. By employing ID pooling, we can provide relevant, non-personally identifiable IDs to key platforms like Google, Facebook and others. This innovative approach opens up a multitude of opportunities for your business.

Privacy Compliance

With our services, use cases such as comprehensive reach measurement, personalisation, complete Return on Ad-Spend (ROAS) tracking, and a significant increase in conversion rates are now possible. And the best part? We accomplish all this while ensuring full compliance with privacy regulations.

In short, we provide a data solution that is powerful, efficient, and compliant – an essential tool for any business looking to enhance its marketing efforts while respecting user privacy.

World-premiere on synthetic Users and ID Pooling

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We are now looking for companies with a strong background in data analysis and a keen interest in exploring new methodologies to join our exclusive Synthetic Users pilot program. As a first mover, you will get early access to the new technology and will play a vital role in assessing its effectiveness and applicability. 



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