24. November 2021

The 5 best Podcasts about Marketing, Martech and GDPR

What we listen to to stay up-to-date

The pure amount of podcasts is overwhelming. There is such great stuff out there, produced every month, week or even every day by some. It is slowly getting hard to find the real gems out there. That having said; there are some great episodes I want to share with you. These 5 podcasts – in no particular order – cover the topics digital marketing, marketing technology and data compliance. I highly recommend listening in. It will make you a smarter, wiser person 🙂

Happy listening! Hope you find great input that supports your business.


Every weekday, Tod Maffin brings you a fast-paced 8-minute overview of what you’ve been missing in the world of digital marketing and social media. Think of news on YouTube Ads, about Facebook Algorithm or the impact of Googles’ latest update.

Whether you work for a digital agency or a brand, this is all you need to know. 

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In The MarTech Podcast Benjamin Shapiro tells the stories of world-class marketers leveraging technology to generate growth and achieve business and professional success. In each episode, an innovative marketer describes their career path and talks about the challenges of their current role. In this podcast, the successes and pitfalls are revealed by industry experts who share their real-world experiences and teach us the tools, tips and tricks they’ve learned along the way.

Examples of topics discussed are: cookieless-era, data roadmap, measuring marketing, dark funnel and decloaking the customer journey. 😮

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Making sense of Martech is an irregular series of interviews by Juan Mendoza with some of the most interesting people working in marketing and technology. Amongst them David Raab, the founder of the Customer Data Platform (CDP) Institute and Peep Laja, the CEO of CXL.

I highly recommend episode #015 | The next era of digital advertising.

Be prepared for some Australian English, 😉

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In GDPR Now! Mark Sherwood-Edwards and Karen Heaton look at data protection regulations and all issues related to data security and privacy. It provides insightful information for executives and data protection professionals alike. Mark & Karen are supported by a range of specialists who discuss the latest news, developments and trends in data security and privacy. Think of topics like digital ID, privacy shield and track & trace apps.

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Serious Privacy is a great easy-conversation-like podcast by TrustArc with hosts Paul Breitbarth and K Royal. A podcast for anyone interested in technology & privacy. Topics range from data management and cybersecurity to social justice and data ethics. In-depth information on serious data protection topics. You will find candid, unscripted discussions with global privacy experts where you’ll hear the opinions and thoughts of those on the front lines of the latest personal data issues. A particular recommendation is the episode Monster Cookies: Privacy Issues in Advertising.

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