Against the Platforms: A free Press needs multivariate Financing

Publishers are adapting to the new paradigm of data protection. But how far can regulation go before the free press business model becomes untenable?

Invitation to the webinar on May 25, 2023, from 10.30 to 11.00 am CET

Publishers financed by advertising are facing challenging times as they are confronted with many regulatory requirements and technical restrictions. Particularly in the area of personalised advertising targeting users, fundamental innovations are emerging in some cases.

In the presentation “Against the Platforms: A free Press needs multivariate Financing”, you will learn how publishers are growing their direct customer relationships. Publishers’ development of a strong, privacy-friendly first-party data stack and their full control over that data is a safe alternative for users and a powerful alternative for advertisers to the increasingly disappearing third-party cookies and walled gardens of the big tech platforms.

Christine Blaes is the Head of Data Privacy of Axel Springer All Media and is responsible for the advertising market-related business areas of Axel Springer SE. She focuses on the area of conflict in the combination of law and business in the context of data-driven and data-protected advertising. She is also active in the BVDW on the topic of Consent Management. Since graduating with a degree in business administration, she has been employed in marketing and sales at large publishing houses for 15 years. She has held various positions at Axel Springer since 2013.


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