Server-side Tracking with JENTIS and PIA ECONDA

Connect ECONDA Analytics and JENTIS with our new connector. Plus: Order JENTIS today and get ECONDA Analytics for 6 months free of charge!


PIA ECONDA recommends the JENTIS Data Capture Platform to its customers as the best solution for server-side tracking. The Data Capture Platform offers not only server-side tracking and tag management but also the highest data protection standards, hosting and excellent connectivity with existing tools.

Soon, it will be even easier to use all the advantages of server-side tracking with PIA ECONDA: With our new in-house connector for ECONDA Analytics currently in development, implementation will only require a few clicks.

Order JENTIS now and get ECONDA Analytics free of charge

We have a special offer for all customers of ECONDA Analytics:

Order JENTIS by 22 September and use ECONDA Analytics for six months for free! If you pay annually, we will reimburse you up to 50% of your current ECONDA Analytics annual licence costs.

Take advantage of this exclusive offer with the promo code ECONDA or contact us for a personal consultation.

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JENTIS – The most advanced server-side tracking

Increase data quality in all your tools and applications with the most advanced and powerful server-side tracking technology on the market.


All connectors at a glance

Add all your third-party tools to your server-side tracking setup with just a few clicks.

Whitepaper: Advanced Server-Side Tracking with a Data Capture Platform

White paper: How to achieve maximum data quality for your marketing with server-side tracking while remaining privacy-compliant.