18. July 2022

JENTIS Preferred Partner Advance Metrics

Improving performance together

We are particularly pleased to introduce our partner Advance Metrics. As an international consulting firm based in Zurich, Advance Metrics has been supporting its clients in the data-based optimization of digital performance since 2013. They offer strategic consulting and implementation in the areas of online marketing, data analytics and digital marketing compliance.
Advance_Metrics Partner

“Let us advance your digital performance!”

“Our mission is to improve our clients’ digital performance and drive their business growth with data-driven, customized, high-quality marketing solutions. Our long-standing focus on data collection and aggregation along with specialization in data protection implementations currently gives us a distinct advantage to advise our clients on the increased data protection requirements.”


“We currently see server side tracking as an important tracking concept that enables privacy-compliant tracking. With its SaaS solution, Jentis not only offers a privacy-compliant tracking product, but also convinces us on a technological level. In addition, we are enthusiastic about the fast and uncomplicated support provided by JENTIS. For our team, it is clear that JENTIS is currently the best solution on the market for server side tracking.”

Why Advance Metrics?

“As a very early partner of JENTIS, Advance Metrics has already successfully accompanied several customers with us from consulting to implementation to operation of the solution. We are therefore pleased to have been able to award Advance Metrics the status of “Preferred Partner” and are happy to proactively recommend them to customers in Switzerland and beyond.”


Link: Advance Metrics

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