JENTIS Data Capture Platform

Our Data Capture Platform (DCP) features the most advanced server-side tracking technology on the market, powerful built-in compliance features and 100+ tool integrations.

JENTIS Core components

Server-Side Tracking

JENTIS server-side tracking comes as a product ready to use. Within days you are fully set up and you don’t have to worry about data quality, connectors or hosting.

Tag Manager

JENTIS Tag Manager gives you complete control over your server-side tracking setup. Thanks to the easy-to-use interface, optimising your tracking according to your individual requirements is quick and convenient.


Our user-friendly interface allows you to quickly and easily integrate the marketing & analytics tools you want into your tracking system and benefit from their features.


Focus on collecting and compliantly sharing best-in-class data while JENTIS takes care of your fail-safe, scalable and EU-based hosting.

Privacy Controls

Ensure compliance with international privacy regulations using JENTIS’ advanced privacy controls. Safeguard user data and build trust with your customers.

Advanced Features

Essential Mode

Collect data in a legally compliant way, even without consent, with the JENTIS Essential mode. Understand behaviour on your website based on all your users.

Synthetic Users

With JENTIS Synthetic Users, marketers can overcome the limitations of traditional tracking methods, gaining valuable insights from 100% of website data while ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

ID Pooling

Collect and share click IDs from advertising networks in a privacy-compliant way to improve performance marketing and hit your growth targets.

Data Enrichment

Add insightful information to your captured website data for more detailed analyses and better decision-making with real-time data enrichment by JENTIS.

Raw Data

Own and utilise your raw website data independent of big tech for advanced business intelligence and data science applications.

Control over your data collection

First Party-Data quality and Compliance

Our solution is the most advanced and compliant server-side tracking on the market. If you would like to learn more about JENTIS to improve your online marketing, analytics and compliance with server-side tracking, please click the button below to book an appointment with our Technology Consultant.