18. May 2023

ID Pooling - The new remarketing

Collect and share click IDs with advertising networks to improve performance marketing and hit your growth targets.


Conventional personalisation and remarketing no longer cover all site visitors, resulting in inefficient ad spend and increased CPA. In addition, conventional remarketing will not be possible in a compliant way anymore. The wastage in campaigns and CPAs will increase massively.

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With the new patented technology of ID pooling, it is possible to reach website users with personalised content in a privacy-compliant way and retarget them in campaigns. Our solution makes it possible to respect users’ privacy while delivering personalised experiences.

Performance marketing with 100% of your users


More precise targeting

Access to complete data enables marketers to precisely target their audience segments. By analysing comprehensive tracking data, marketers can identify patterns, trends and customer segments to create tailored campaigns that resonate with their target audience and lead to higher engagement and conversion rates.



With this technology, marketers can personalise their content based on individual user preferences and deliver customised experiences that build more robust customer engagement and drive higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Remarketing 3.0 

ID pooling enables the remarketing of the future. User IDs are pooled and shared to gain a more comprehensive understanding of user interactions and behaviour. This enables more precise targeting and personalised advertising campaigns. ID Pooling also provides efficiencies and protects privacy by using a central pool of user IDs instead of creating separate lists for each platform.


Privacy protection

ID Pooling uses pseudonomised user IDs to protect the privacy of users. No identifiable personal information is stored or shared, only pseudonomised information is used for user segmentation and remarketing purposes.

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