Only with JENTIS: Use Google Analytics 4 with 100% Server-side Tracking

Learn how hosting provider World4You captures the maximum data quality for Google Analytics 4 with the JENTIS DCP.

For data-driven marketing teams, the quality of web data is critical to success. Only reliable, accurate data enables effective performance marketing campaigns and provides valuable insights into customer behaviour. To achieve maximum data quality and privacy compliance, hosting provider World4You chose the server-side tracking solution from JENTIS.

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools for data collection, reporting and analysis. With JENTIS it is possible for the first time to use Google Analytics 4 (GA4) 100% server-side out-of-the-box – something that was not possible even with Google until now.

Download the free case study now and learn how World4You:

  • tracked 25% more turnover
  • recorded 50% longer customer journeys
  • gained future-proof privacy compliance

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Google Analytics 4: The Challenges

Users of Google Analytics today face major challenges:

1. Wrong data leads to bad decisions

Adblockers and tracking preventers block tracking and reduce cookie lifetimes to 7 days, which leads to poor recognition in marketing tools. Client-side tracking therefore provides little (30-40%) and inaccurate data. Since customer journeys as well as attribution and the measurement of campaign performance depend on it, efficient advertising budget allocation becomes impossible.

2. No server-side GA4 configuration offered by Google

Google does not offer a purely server-side implementation of Google Analytics 4 – not even with the server-side Google Tag Manager. Client-side components are needed.

3. Limited data protection capabilities

Data protection features in Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4 are rudimentary and not up to par with the requirements of international regulation and business needs.

Only JENTIS offers 100% server-side use of Google Analytics 4 and all the benefits of increased data quality and compliance!

Easily switch to Google Analytics 4 with JENTIS server-side tracking

Benefit from:

  • The best data quality for successful marketing and higher sales.
  • Future-proof data protection for your tools – no matter what.
  • Easy setup and full service – so you can concentrate on the essentials.

With JENTIS, you get the data you need to achieve your growth goals – and then some. In the case study with WEBkiste, you will learn how you can easily and quickly switch to server-side tracking, even for complex e-commerce setups.



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