27. January 2023

Data Enrichment to generate better first-party Data in real-time

JENTIS was represented at the legendary analytics conference Superweek in Hungary with a presentation by JENTIS founder and co-CEO Thomas Tauchner.

Superweek is one of the most prestigious analytics conferences in Europe, making it a unique annual gathering of marketing experts, analysts and thought leaders in the industry.

This year, JENTIS was represented at Superweek with a presentation by co-CEO, CTO and co-founder Thomas Taucher.

His topic:

How to use Data Enrichment to generate better first-party Data in real-time

Server-side tracking has quickly become a crucial technology to improve data quality and compliance. Real-time data enrichment in a first-party context is the next step to unlocking its full potential. In his presentation, Thomas will share three real-world customer cases that demonstrate the benefits of data enrichment and why it is so important to enrich in real-time:

  • Enrichment with additional customer segment data (customer scoring) for use with Facebook campaigns
  • Page speed optimisation by enriching with product data instead of tracking it via the frontend
  • Enrichment with weather data to optimise Adwords remarketing regarding tourism parameters

Watch the Presentation at Superweek:


Thomas Tauchner, Founder, Co-CEO and CTO of JENTIS
Thomas started out in the analytics industry at a young age, always keeping an eye on the current needs of the market and always one step ahead of technological developments. After a stint as Head of Web Analytics at e-Dialog, he founded his own web analytics agency, Webrocket, in 2014. To solve the problems observed in online marketing during this time, he developed an innovative solution for server-side tracking. The new technology was followed by the founding of JENTIS.


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