27. September 2022

Express Webinar: Google Analytics banned in Denmark – What now?

Learn more about the most recent decision of the Danish data protection agency regarding Google Analytics and its implications for your organisation.

International data transfers have been a hot-button topic in 2022, following landmark decisions on Google Analytics by multiple data protection authorities in the EU.

Earlier this year, the Austrian DPA declared using Google Analytics unlawful. The Italian (Garante) and French authorities (CNIL) soon followed suit. Most recently, the Danish DPA Datatilsynet issued its awaited decision, confirming its European peers’ rulings.

Accompanying the decision, the agency gave detailed guidance on how users of Google Analytics can move forward and achieve compliance with EU regulations.

Due to the significance of the findings, we decided to organise an express webinar to discuss their implications for marketers, DPOs and company leaders.

  • What does this most recent decision mean for organisations that rely on Google Analytics or other tools that require the international transfer of personal data?
  • How can organisations employ services and applications from the US compliantly?
  • What are the strategic implications?

Thanks for joining us for our Express Webinar in such large numbers and with such great interest in the topic! We hope it will have a positive impact on your compliance and analytics strategies. 

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Watch the Recording:


Ulrik Sandholt, Chief Innovation Officer at Atcore
Ulrik has worked with digital technology and data for 17 years and started as an analytics specialist back when companies analysed server log files to understand their customers’ behaviour. Today Ulrik is the Chief Innovation Officer at Atcore, a leading Danish digital consultancy that helps companies deliver customer-centric and data-driven digital marketing at scale. Ulrik helps a broad selection of large Danish and international companies decide how they should use data and technology in their communication and how to approach privacy and the cookieless future.

Aurélie Pols, founder of the consulting agency AP&A
Aurélie is a board member of the European Center for Privacy and Cybersecurity (ECPC), a visiting fellow at Maastricht University, a board member of H2020 project Panelfit, and an expert group member of the EU Observatory of the Online Platform Economy, an initiative of the European Commission.

Klaus Müller, co-founder and co-CEO of JENTIS

Dr. iur. Mira Suleimenova, legal counsel at JENTIS


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