HIPAA Compliance with JENTIS Server-side Tracking

Advanced server-side tracking by JENTIS makes compliance with HIPAA and other regulations affecting the healthcare industry easy.

Data protection and data quality assurance in healthcare, particularly with respect to web data, are of paramount importance. Secure and high-quality data fortify patient trust, as they guarantee the confidentiality and accuracy of personal health information. They also ensure adherence to regulatory frameworks like HIPAA.

By ensuring data integrity, healthcare companies can generate reliable insights for strategic decisions and quality care delivery. Moreover, it mitigates legal risks and financial penalties associated with data protection breaches, thereby preserving company reputation.

The HIPAA Challenge

HIPAA places strict requirements on businesses that handle Personal Health Information (PHI) of Americans. Server-side tracking by JENTIS provides HIPAA compliance while providing the most flexibility and best data quality available on the market today.

The HIPAA’s definition of PHI is intentionally broad and includes a user’s IP address and geographic location if you operate a health-related website. 
Website operators in the health sector have to take action to ensure user privacy and protect themselves from fines for non-compliance with HIPAA.

What you need to know about complying with HIPAA

According to the Office for Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), businesses in the health sector need to assess whether their websites or apps capture PHI. 

Before forwarding PHI to third-party tools such as Google Analytics or Facebook Connect, businesses must de-identify the data, i.e. remove identifying information, to protect their users’ privacy and comply with the regulation. 

Also, businesses are obliged to forward only the minimum information necessary to third-party tools for a specific purpose.

How to comply with HIPAA

Server-side tracking by JENTIS makes it easy for businesses to comply with HIPAA while continuing to use their marketing and analytics tools. 

  • Capture PHI compliantly as first-party data: Your business is in sole control of the data
  • De-identify the PHI with the push of a button and forward it to your existing marketing and analytics tools – in full compliance with HIPAA
  • Comply with all HIPAA requirements with powerful data minimization features

PLUS: With JENTIS, you get an EU-based solution. This means you can easily comply with GDPR, ePrivacy and handle Schrems III contingencies as well.


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