JENTIS Server-Side Tracking for the Healthcare Sector

With JENTIS, companies in the health sector can collect and forward user and patient data on the web securely and in compliance with data protection laws.

Data protection and ensuring data quality, especially in relation to web data, are top priorities in healthcare. Secure, high-quality data promotes patient trust by ensuring the confidentiality and accuracy of personal health information. They also ensure compliance with laws such as HIPAA in the US.

Ensuring data integrity enables healthcare organisations to gain reliable insights for strategic decision-making and quality patient care. It also reduces legal risks and financial penalties associated with data breaches, helping to protect the company’s image.

The JENTIS Data Capture Platform enables healthcare organisations to securely and legally capture high quality user and patient data from their websites and share it with existing analytics and data infrastructure.

 JENTIS Data Capture Platform: The benefits for healthcare organisations

The JENTIS Data Capture Platform combines server-side tracking, data control and data protection functions into an all-in-one solution. This results in several advantages and use cases:

  • Privacy and Compliance: Health data is highly sensitive and strictly regulated by laws such as the GDPR and HIPAA. Server-side tracking enables improved data control and helps healthcare providers maintain data privacy and compliance.
  • Data quality: Unlike client-side tracking, server-side tracking is not susceptible to ad blockers or cookie restrictions, ensuring more accurate and complete collection of user data. This can support accurate patient targeting, improved patient experience and personalised healthcare.
  • Security: As the data is processed directly on the server, the risk of data interception is minimised, which increases the overall security of the health data.

Server-side tracking can help healthcare providers in several use cases:

  • Patient Journey Analysis: By accurately tracking patient behaviour and interactions across multiple touchpoints, healthcare providers can gain a comprehensive understanding of the patient journey, enabling improved patient care and experience.
  • Resource allocation: Server-side tracking can help providers identify trends and patterns in user behaviour that can inform strategic decisions such as resource allocation, operational improvements and healthcare optimisation.
  • Healthcare marketing: Accurate data collection enables healthcare providers to effectively target patients with personalised marketing campaigns, increasing patient engagement and retention.

In addition, JENTIS offers high connectivity with analytics and marketing tools and cloud platforms.You can capture your data yourself with the JENTIS Data Capture Platform and forward it to your existing tech stacks, i.e. analytics tools, cloud platforms, customer data platforms, etc.Before forwarding, you can modify or pseudonymise the data in such a way that the user’s data privacy is preserved.

In this way, it is possible at the touch of a button to use even Strems II-compliant tools and platforms from US providers.

This comprehensive functionality and usability makes JENTIS the best choice for healthcare organisations looking for a robust, flexible and secure solution for their web tracking needs.

HIPAA compliant data collection with JENTIS

The JENTIS Data Capture Platform’s GDPR-compliant functionality not only ensures compliance with GDPR and ePrivacy – you can also comply with US regulations on patient data protection with your DCP.

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