Stream data to familiar marketing tools

Your analytics and advertising tools are ready to go

All your analytics and advertising tools are prepared to get data from JENTIS.

With just one click you add a third party tool to your server-side tagging setup. Then, data which is captured in your users’ browser can be forwarded to each tool independently. This way, you have full control over every single data point your third party tools receive.


With our innovative tracking technology the basics of tagging stay the same.

While our technology is the most advanced tracking available on the market, the requirements stay the same for you – create tags, use variables and define triggers. This way we guarantee an easy transition from your current tag manager to the JENTIS universe.


Get default tool setups including basic tags with only a couple of clicks.

At JENTIS, each predefined tool comes with a complete “one-click” default setup. That means that all tags, variables and triggers (as used by 95% of the customers) are ready to be deployed without any additional work. This way, you can set up standard tools in less than 1 minute.

80+ Connectors

Choose from a variety of connectors that you can implement

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Effective campaigns with the Facebook CAPI and server-side tracking

Forward your first-party data to Facebook’s Conversion API (CAPI) with your Data Capture Platform. JENTIS is a certified Meta Business Partner.


Facebook Tracking declared unlawful under GDPR by the Austrian DPA

In a recently published decision, the Austria DPA finds Facebook's tracking practices violate GDPR and Schrems II.


Switzerland's new data protection law: How to become compliant

On September 1, Swiss companies must have switched to privacy-compliant tracking. JENTIS offers the most effective solution for maximum data protection and data quality.