Stream data to familiar marketing tools

With just a few clicks, you add a third-party tool to your server-side tagging setup.

Assisted Setup

With a few clicks you get standard tool setups including Basic Tags. With JENTIS, a wizard guides you through the entire setup. This means that all tags, variables and triggers (as used by 95% of customers) are ready to use without any additional effort.

Variables, Tags & Trigger

With our innovative technology and assisted setup mode, most parameters for tracking are already set up. However, if you want to make specific, additional settings, that is of course also possible – and the process is already familiar to you from your old Tag Manager: Create tags, populate variables and define triggers. This way, we guarantee an easy transition from your current tag manager to JENTIS DCP.

How to connect your tools

Alle Konnektoren

100+ Connectors

Choose from a variety of connectors that you can implement with us.

More Information


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Die Vorteile von Server-Side Tag Management

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