Adobe Experience Platform

Leverage the Adobe Experience Platform with the data quality and compliance of JENTIS server-side tracking.

Your benefits at a glance

Provide the Adobe Experience Platform with maximum data quality and benefit from granular customer profiles, comprehensive analyses and pinpoint personalisation.

Google Analytics 4 privacy-compliant

Tracking in compliance with the GDPR

An effective campaign starts with data collected in compliance with the GDPR – secure and reliable, even in the future.

Performance optimisation through server-side tracking

More data, more accurate targeting

With server-side tracking, you get more accurate data from your website and pass it on to the Adobe Experience Platform.

Better Customer Journeys

Better data quality for all tools

All your marketing and analytics tools benefit from the superior data quality of the Data Capture Platform.

Data security

Data control of the future

Take complete control of your data collection and react quickly and flexibly to changing conditions.

Adobe Advertising Cloud with JENTIS

Effective campaigns with higher ROAS: Adobe Advertising Cloud and server-side tracking from JENTIS make it possible.

Setup Privacy Features Data Uplift Add-Ons
Basic: 10 minutes, Enhanced : 20 minutes Anonymisation / Pseudonymisation of personal data, Timeframing Full Data Uplift (with Essential Mode) Essential Mode, Synthetic Users, ID Pooling


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JENTIS – The most advanced server-side tracking

Increase data quality in all your tools and applications with the most advanced and powerful server-side tracking technology on the market.


Data Quality with JENTIS

Maximise your marketing and ad performance with the JENTIS Data Capture Platform. Gain the highest data quality, improve user understanding and make correct decisions.


Tracking for a Future without Third-Party Cookies

Future-proof and precise data. With JENTIS server-side tracking, you can easily switch to first-party data.