JENTIS Essential Mode: Capture First-Party Data compliantly – even without Consent

JENTIS Essential Mode provides a compliant solution for capturing first-party data, including without user consent, empowering informed marketing decisions.

Key takeaways:

  • JENTIS Data Capture Platform (DCP) offers a legally compliant, turnkey solution for collecting first-party data even without user consentEssential Mode.
  • The JENTIS Essential Mode enables the collection of absolutely necessary and technically required data, e.g. for reach measurement.
  • Website operators can thus collect data that they would otherwise have lost due to cookie banners: Depending on the industry and target group, this means an increase of 30% or more.
  • With JENTIS Essential Mode, website operators gain valuable insights into user behaviour.

As data protection regulations continue to evolve, website operators face significant challenges in collecting user data compliantly. In the EU, for instance, the ePrivacy Directive requires website operators to ask for and obtain user consent before accessing and storing their data. However, some information can be stored or accessed on a user’s device without consent if it is strictly necessary or technically required to provide a functional and user-friendly website.

However, this does not apply if the data controller uses a third-party tracking tool with which it shares responsibility.

Furthermore, consent rates are on the decline: depending on the industry and target group, 20-50% of users now do not give consent to the collection and processing of their data – in many cases, far more.

This means that website operators need to find a technical solution for the compliant collection of 20-50% additional data.

How to capture essential web data legally without consent

However, building a standalone technical solution to capture first-party data from scratch requires significant resources, such as financial investment, highly skilled IT personnel, legal experts to assess and confirm compliance, and an overall high level of effort to keep it up-to-date.

This is where JENTIS Data Capture Platform (DCP) comes in.

The JENTIS Data Capture Platform (DCP) offers a turnkey solution for combining first-party data capture based on user consent and as a fallback even without user consent. To comply with the consent exception, JENTIS created Essential Mode, which enables the compliant capture of strictly necessary and technically required data without user consent.

This graph illustrates data loss and recapture by JENTIS using a 70% consent rate as an example:


JENTIS Essential Mode offers unique features for capturing web data:

  • First-party data capture that shields user devices against direct third-party access
  • JENTIS Twin Server technology controls transfers of user data to third parties
  • Complete control over data streams that allows website operators to define the purpose of processing
  • Pseudonymisation and anonymisation functions are available for each data parameter
  • Compliant cloud selection ensures that captured data is pseudonymised in the EU before any international data transfer outside of the EU

Legal memorandum confirms Essential Mode compliance

According to a data protection assessment by Spirit Legal Fuhrmann Hense Partnership of Lawyers, JENTIS DCP offers sustainable support in ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. Customers can adapt the SaaS solution to their individual risk scenarios.

Therefore, companies can configure JENTIS Essential Mode as a fallback solution for first-party tracking, enabling the compliant and effective implementation of the exceptions to the consent requirement for terminal access. This allows for usage analysis to a reduced extent without user consent if the user does not click the cookie banner at all or does not give consent. The server-side transfers of user data modified and cleaned by the JENTIS server to third-party servers can be based on overriding legitimate interests in accordance with Article 6 GDPR.


JENTIS Essential Mode provides website owners with a complete solution to abide by data protection laws and acquire first-party data in a lawful manner. With its unique features and flexible configurations, JENTIS Essential Mode enables website operators to leverage website data to make informed decisions about the user experience, on-page customer journeys, and website design.

JENTIS Essential Mode – Example Configuration
JENTIS Essential Mode – Memorandum by Spirit Legal