Remarketing and Personalisation in the cookieless Future

Will remarketing still be possible in the cookieless future? And if so, how? A panel of renowned experts provides valuable insights.

Remarketing is one of the most successful marketing techniques on the web. But it is fundamentally built on the support of third-party cookies by popular browsers. With the end of third-party cookies in Google Chrome in mid-2024, remarketing will no longer be feasible in its current form.

What is next? Our panel of top industry experts explains current developments and outlines what’s next for remarketing in the cookieless future. 

This talk was live recorded during “Heroes of Data & Privacy” event.


Kati Förster, Chief Innovation Officer at EssenceMediacom
Barbara Klinser-Kammerzelt, Client partner at dentsu Austria
Tom Peruzzi, CTO of Virtual Minds
Markus Plank, President of iab Austria
Andreas Weichselbaum (moderator), JENTIS

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