19. July 2022

Case Study: Server Side Tracking

2023 will be the year of big change for your marketing setup: Adzine Webinar about the future of data collection

2023 will be the year of big change for your marketing setup. Pixum has led the way. With Server Side Tracking from JENTIS, a first-party data strategy was developed that increased the number of conversions by up to 29.2% and corrected 55% of customer journeys – a result that has a strong influence on media targeting and thus also on sales.
Case Study Pixum adtriba JENTIS

Do you want to take your marketing mix and online success to the next level? Have you heard about Server Side Tracking, but are still unsure how to use this technology to beat the competition? Then this webinar is ideal for you!

In 60 minutes, you will learn first-hand how Pixum has made it,

  • future-proof online marketing and analytics
  • maximize data quality without neglecting data protection
  • improve attribution with better data
  • Reallocate media budget for better performance

Guest Speaker

Andy Goldschmidt, Chief Solutions Officer Adtriba.
Andy joined Adtriba in the early days to support the mission of democratizing data and machine learning and making data-driven insights available to marketers. Andy has been a major force in shaping Adtriba’s products over the past few years, focusing on technical implementation and usability for our customers.

Marc Rendel, CTO Pixum
Marc Rendel has many years of international experience in software development and managing teams of developers. With the help of state-of-the-art development methods, he ensured a completely new orientation of the technological platform at an e-commerce company that is a leader in its market. Today, as CTO, he is responsible for the entire technology area at Pixum and uses his experience to ensure the strategic expansion of the infrastructure and the continuous development of the agile organizational structure.

Klaus Müller, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, JENTIS
Klaus Müller, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, is responsible for the commercial side of JENTIS. Müller, a former Google executive and founder of successful companies, quickly recognized the great potential of JENTIS technology and the value it will have for marketers and analysts worldwide. That’s why he and his partner Thomas founded the company in early 2020.


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