Data Clean Rooms: The new Holy Grail in online Marketing?

What are data clean rooms, how do they work, and are they privacy-compliant? Learn everything you need to know in this webinar.

There is a hot new three-letter abbreviation in digital marketing: DCR! And since the idea of a DCR is not that new, the hype around is, and it is worth taking a closer look. In this presentation, some fundamental topics will be addressed:

  • What are data clean rooms? What are the different types available on the market? How do they technically work?
  • How are they to be evaluated in terms of data privacy?
  • What needs to be considered when implementing a DCR and what needs to be done to make the best use of it?
  • What are the typical use cases now and in the future?
  • Are DCRs a solution for the “cookieless future” (as can be read quite often)?

This talk was live recorded during “Heroes of Data & Privacy” event.


Martin Possekel, Managing Partner bei Future Marketing

Martin Possekel looks back on 30 years of professional experience with positions at KPMG and in the managements of companies in Lufthansa Group and Otto Group. In 2012, he became a Managing Partner at Future Marketing where he is responsible for the business areas of technology, data protection and data strategy.

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