Whitepaper: Privacy-compliant Hosting with IONOS Cloud and JENTIS

Powerful web tracking needs reliable, scalable and privacy-compliant hosting. A success story from JENTIS and IONOS.

A key pillar of JENTIS’ reliable, privacy-compliant offering is its EU-based Kubernetes infrastructure, hosted by IONOS.

IONOS is Europe’s leader in hosting services, cloud services and cloud infrastructure, with over eight million customer contracts. As a trusted partner for individuals, the self-employed, SMEs and large enterprises, IONOS offers solutions that help its customers to operate digitally effectively, efficiently and successfully.

Download our free Success Story with IONOS now to find out how Europe’s highest-performing and privacy-compliant hosting comes to be.

You will learn: 

  • Why JENTIS chose IONOS as the cloud provider for its customers
  • What data protection-compliant tracking requires from cloud providers
  • What role Kubernetes technology plays in effortless scaling and reliability

and much more.

Download the Whitepaper

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