Optimise page speed

Faster pagespeed for more conversions and an improved cost-income ratio

Improve your pagespeed with JENTIS - the driver of your Google Ranking.

In the optimal JENTIS full setup, you only need one pixel on your website. As a result, you will see a huge improvement of your Google Core Web Vitals scores, which means in turn more and much better conversions as well as a much better
cost-revenue relation.


Enrich your collected user data with 3rd party data sources server-side.

Getting the necessary data quality and quantity right is a big leap forward for most companies. With JENTIS, the real digital “Front-Runners” can also enrich their first party data with additional sources like weather services, product feeds or public data.

We capture all user data that can otherwise only be captured in the user’s browser. With JENTIS you capture every mouse click, every scroll action and every form action. Once you have captured your data, you can organise it on the server side on the JENTIS server systems.

Gone are those days when you had 30 pixels on your web page. The goal of JENTIS is to send all data to the JENTIS servers only once and orchestrate it from there. As a result, you don’t have to load third-party libraries or send your website data directly to external data recipients.

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