6. July 2022

Case Study

Online photo service Pixum optimizes data quality and marketing attribution thanks to JENTIS and Adtriba

Cologne/Vienna/Hamburg, July 07, 2022

State-of-the-Art Marketing Attribution

Thanks to the collaboration of JENTIS and Adtriba, the online photo service Pixum was able to improve its data quality through server side tracking and holistically evaluate marketing activities across all channels. The case study conducted reveals a noticeable effect of nearly 30% newly visible conversions and corrects 55% of customer journeys for better attribution and budget allocation.

In a joint case study, JENTIS, Adtriba and Pixum show what the future of data collection in online marketing looks like.

Together with JENTIS, the tech pioneer in server side tracking, Pixum developed a DSGVO-compliant first-party data strategy. The online photo service was able to significantly improve its data quality at the user level thanks to JENTIS, despite growing restrictions on data collection and increasing restrictions on Internet browsers.

In a further step, Pixum generated valuable channel-specific insights based on the data collected by JENTIS with the help of Adtriba, the provider of data-driven attribution. As a result, the online photo service knows which campaigns lead to successful user journeys. Adtriba’s software solution helps Pixum better understand the interactions of the channels used, holistically evaluate campaigns across all channels, and thus optimally allocate the marketing budget.

A/B test with insightful findings

The 3-month A/B test of the case study showed that the new server-side tracking from JENTIS provided more complete and accurate data compared to conventional tracking. Significantly more returning users to pixum.de could be identified. For example, the number of journeys that recorded only one touchpoint during the test period (single touchpoint journeys) fell from more than 20% to well below 5%. The analysis of the pre-purchase channels, which were visible for the first time, led to a more precise calculation of cost-per-order and ROAS. As a result, the online photo service is able to allocate the budgets of its marketing channels in an evidence-based and optimal manner. Overall, 55% of the customer journeys could be corrected.

Thomas Tauchner, Founder and Co-CEO JENTIS, explains: “Pixum has fully exploited the performance potential of the JENTIS solution. We were able to fully meet the requirement to deliver 100% correct data. We are already very excited to see how Pixum will consistently use this competitive advantage for more efficiency and revenue.”

“Data-driven attribution adds the most value when the analyzed data is of high quality and completeness. We are pleased that our customer Pixum has recognized this and successfully implemented it. As a result, Pixum’s marketing is independent and future-proofed and remains compliant with tracking regulations,” Darya Yukimenka, Senior Marketing Manager at Adtriba.

“From my perspective, hopes and assumptions have been confirmed and our marketing gets a significant advantage in the evaluation and targeting of campaigns via the combination of the two technologies,” said Björn Prickartz, Head of Webanalytics & Conversions at Pixum.

Pixum is now in the process of integrating the JENTIS technology into all existing systems across all countries, thus positioning itself for the future thanks to new data quality.

For more information, download the comprehensive case study free of charge.


JENTIS is the European tech pioneer in server-side tracking and data compliance specialist for digital business. The Austrian startup, based in Vienna, has developed an innovative web technology that provides website operators (publishers and e-commerce companies) with more data quality and data sovereignty while maintaining full data protection compliance. The SaaS solution delivers 30 to 50% higher data quality to common web analytics tools and advertising systems and, as a compliance tool, enables DSGVO-compliant use of even non-European martech and adtech solutions in data-driven business. JENTIS customers include Albertina, Egger Group, Giesswein, Heise Verlag, Humanic, Pixum, Tirol Werbung and XXXL Lutz.

About Adtriba

Adtriba offers a future-proof marketing measurement solution that provides a holistic view of all marketing activity. Issues such as 3rd party cookie blocking, regulation in tracking and over measurement of results by large advertising platform are addressed and solved by Adtriba. Adtriba enables marketers to independently and accurately evaluate the results of their online and offline marketing activities. After all, evidence-based decisions are the basis for successful marketing optimization and budget allocation. With Adtriba’s SaaS solution, marketers always know how their marketing channels are performing, which campaigns are working and how they can be tactically and strategically optimized.

About Pixum

Pixum is one of the leading online photo services in Germany and Europe. In addition to the best customer service and an easy, inspiring shopping experience, Pixum inspires its customers with high-quality branded products such as the Pixum photo book, the Pixum wall picture or the Pixum photo calendar. In this way, the online photo service helps all customers to preserve, share and enjoy their most beautiful photo moments.

Pixum customers can design and order their high-quality photo products at any time and any place – mobile via the Pixum app, on the Pixum website or via the free Pixum Fotowelt software. Both the Pixum product quality and the Pixum customer service have already received numerous awards, including from TÜV Rheinland and CHIP magazine.

The company, founded in 2000, is headquartered in modern and innovative premises in Cologne and employs over 160 people. Since the end of 2014, curated art has been offered in its own online store with the artboxONE brand (artboxone.de). The diverse motifs range from typography to handlettering to street art and are available on high-quality murals, among other things.

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Nils Daniel
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E-Mail: presse@pixum.com



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