Server Infrastructure: How to master the Black Friday Test

Each year, e-commerce websites face an onslaught of web traffic during Black Friday week when shoppers hunt for the best deals. Four reasons why the best server infrastructures handle it easily when others fail.

Were you hunting for some sweet Black Friday deals this year? We know we were. And millions of other web shoppers, too. Each year, Black Friday puts enormous strain on server infrastructures as users rush to online shops for sweet deals. And more often than not, crucial providers of tracking services fail to handle the load and get into trouble – leading to costly outages for e-commerce customers during one of the most important weeks of the year for their businesses.

We at JENTIS noticed the surge on our servers as well, of course. Around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we saw traffic spikes between 2x and 10x of normal levels for e-commerce customers.

But we have now experienced our fourth Black Friday, and we can proudly say: We have not lost a single data point during the onslaught on our servers.

This is no coincidence. Our high-end infrastructure has been designed with maximum performance, reliability and scalability in mind.

Here are the four reasons JENTIS thrives in volatile and high-traffic scenarios:

  1. Autoscaling enables our infrastructure to adapt to every change in traffic. It makes no difference if 10 or 10,000 users are browsing simultaneously.
  2. We continuously adapt and update our services to meet current and evolving needs as well as provide new features in a continuous update cycle.
  3. Kubernetes rolling updates enable us to deploy new features, versions or fixes to live customers without any impact on collected data.
  4. We take security seriously and test against high-level international security frameworks to make sure every piece of configuration is on par with the highest standards.

And have we mentioned that all our cloud hosting options are privacy compliant?

If you would like to learn more about our server infrastructure, we have a blog post that explains our setup in further detail: JENTIS Infrastructure for Performance, Reliability and Scalability


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