Server-Side Google Analytics 4

Optimise data analysis & user behaviour with GA4 & JENTIS. Breakthrough server-side implementation for improved data protection & performance.

Advantages at a glance

Discover the benefits of server-side GA4 implementation with JENTIS. Learn how to improve the security of your data, optimise website performance and collect privacy-compliant user data.

Google Analytics 4 datenschutzkonform

Data compliancy

Thanks to our outstanding and patented twin-server technology, personal data is transmitted to Google pseudonymously.

Performance Optimierung durch Server-Side Tracking

Performance optimisation

The data-intensive processing take place on the JENTIS server, resulting in significantly improved website performance.

Bessere Customer Journeys

Better Customer Journeys

Companies that switch to server-side GA4 with JENTIS can achieve an extension of customer journeys by up to 50%.


Data security

All data-related processes take place on the server, which means that sensitive information is not visible on the front end.

Case Study on data quality with Ga4 Server-Side & JENTIS

Companies that have switched to server-side GA4 with JENTIS have been able to extend their customer journeys by up to 50% and have seen a remarkable increase in sales of up to 25% within 4 weeks. Don’t miss the opportunity to achieve these successes for your business! Read our case study and discover how companies have benefited from the combination of JENTIS and Google Analytics 4:

GTM Server-Side

Google Analytics Server-Side mit JENTISHybrid
Google Analytics Server-Side mit JENTISHigh data protection risk
Google Analytics Server-Side mit JENTISManual configuration
Google Analytics Server-Side mit JENTISManual CMP-Sync
Google Analytics Server-Side mit JENTISLimited customer support
Google Analytics Server-Side mit JENTISHosting extra
Google Analytics Server-Side mit JENTISNo integrations
Google Analytics Server-Side mit JENTISServer-side tag management

JENTIS Data Capture Platform

Google Analytics Server-Side mit JENTIS100% Server-Side
Google Analytics Server-Side mit JENTISPrivacy by design
Google Analytics Server-Side mit JENTISConfiguration out-of-the-box
Google Analytics Server-Side mit JENTISPlug & Play CMP-integration
Google Analytics Server-Side mit JENTISFull customer support
Google Analytics Server-Side mit JENTISEU managed hosting
Google Analytics Server-Side mit JENTIS100 +integrations & connectors
Google Analytics Server-Side mit JENTISServer-side Tag Management sovereignty


Download - GA4 Case Study

Google Analytics 4 server-side

Google Analytics 4 Server-Side with JENTIS overview

With the Data Capture Platform from JENTIS, you can implement Google Analytics 4 on the server side in the shortest possible time – and in compliance with the law. What are you waiting for? Here is the most important data at a glance:

Setup Privacy features Data-uplift Add-ons
Basic: 10 minutes,
Enhanced : 20 minutes
anonymisation / pseudonymisation
of personal related data,
Full data uplift
(with Essential Mode)
Essential Mode,
Synthetic user,
ID pooling


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More than 100 Connectors

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Google Ads
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