JENTIS WooCommerce Plugin

Reshaping the Future of Website Data

For WooCommerce shops, it is now much easier to implement JENTIS.

Installing the JENTIS plugin for your WooCommerce website allows you to continue using traditional tools such as Google Analyctis, Google Ads and 80 other tracking and advertising tools but in a legally compliant way.

In addition, the quality of the data you collect is greatly improved because with JENTIS you are independent of tracking preventers and ad blockers. As a small side effect, server-side tracking will also significantly improve the page speed of your website. Install now, buy the JENTIS online and get started.

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Privacy-compliant Tracking with JENTIS

Privacy by design: Take full control of your data capture and ensure data protection without having to change your marketing tools.


100% Data Quality

Collect data for all your tools unaffected tracking preventions and adblockers.


The JENTIS Raw Data Model

How to collect and use raw data with the JENTIS raw data tool