Use Meta CAPI with Server-side Tracking

Meta's personalisation engines and JENTIS' unmatched data quality form a powerful duo to drive your marketing and growth in the cookieless era.

Your advantages at a glance

With server-side tracking of Facebook Ads, JENTIS as a Meta Business partner gives you a powerful solution to effectively track your ad campaigns and regain better insights into user and buying behaviour.

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Minimising data loss

Server-side tracking from JENTIS makes it possible to minimise data loss due to adblockers and tracking preferences.

Performance Optimierung durch Server-Side Tracking

Performance optimisation

The data-intensive processing steps take place on the JENTIS server, resulting in significantly improved website performance.

Bessere Customer Journeys

Extended customer journeys

Companies that switch to server-side Facebook Pixel with JENTIS can achieve an extension of customer journeys by up to 50%.


Data protection

The JENTIS Data Capture Platform captures user data but returns it to Facebook without personally identifiable information.

Facebook Server-Side mit JENTIS

Meta Ads with JENTIS Overview

Meta’s Conversions API (CAPI) allows businesses to send first-party data directly to Meta’s servers. This way, your Meta campaigns also benefit from the superior data quality. The result is a better understanding of customer behaviour, a higher return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) and better marketing performance.

What to wait for? Here is the most important data at a glance:

Setup Privacy Features Daten-Uplift Add-Ons
Basic: 10 Minutes
Enhanced: 20 Minutes
Anonymisation / pseudonymisation
of personal data,
Time framing
Data uplift of up to 70% with the “Synthetic User” feature Essential Mode
Synthetic User
ID Pooling


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JENTIS is a certified Meta Business Partner

Meta Business Partners have been assessed for their expertise in providing marketing, advertising and technology solutions. Meta Business Partner clients can count on in-depth knowledge of the platform as well as a sustainable partner relationship with Meta. As a Meta Business Partner, JENTIS now offers an even more reliable service for customers who rely on the Meta platform for their marketing campaigns.

JENTIS ist Meta Business Partner

More than 100 connectors

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Google Analytics 4
Google Ads
Google Ads
Bing Ads

You need even more connectors? No problem: Here is the list of all our tool connectors.

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JENTIS – The most advanced server-side tracking

Increase data quality in all your tools and applications with the most advanced and powerful server-side tracking technology on the market.


All connectors at a glance

Add all your third-party tools to your server-side tracking setup with just a few clicks.


Innovation Synthetic User

JENTIS has revolutionised the field of data analytics for marketers with its groundbreaking technology called Synthetic Users.